Care Instructions

By choosing one of our exclusive tees, you're not just getting a piece of apparel; you're investing in a slice of the culture we all adore. Like any cherished item, your printed garments require a bit of extra care to ensure they continue to bring the heat at all times - not just for one reason.

Please follow all washing guidelines carefully.


  • Cold Machine-Wash: Always wash your tees on a delicate setting with cold water. This helps maintain the integrity of the fabric and the vibrancy of the print.

  • Wash Inside-Out: Turning your garments inside out protects the print from abrasions and direct exposure to detergents.

  • Wash With Similar Colours: To prevent colour bleeding, wash your tees with similar shades. This keeps your vibrant prints from becoming dull.

  • Hang to Air-Dry: Dry your tees out of direct sunlight. Direct sun can fade the print over time. Air drying also preserves the fabric's softness and print quality.


  • Iron Over the Print: If you must iron your tee, do so on the reverse side to avoid damaging the print.

  • Tumble-Dry: High heat can shrink the fabric and fade the print. Always opt for air-drying.

  • Dry-Clean: The chemicals used in dry cleaning can be harsh on your printed tees, affecting both the fabric and the print.

  • Use Harsh Chemicals: Bleach and fabric softeners can degrade the print. Stick to gentle detergents.

Why Care Matters

All fabric ages, but exposure to sun, heat, chemicals, and even physical activity can accelerate this process. However, with the right care, your Shonen Society tee can remain a staple in your wardrobe for a long time. Washing cold and inside-out, followed by air-drying, prepares your garment to be worn again with no need for ironing.